Lucie Loves... Food & Drink // A Zero Proof Immersive Evening with Thomas Evan No.1 Lord Logs & Jack Adair Bevan 


Lucie Loves… Food & Drink //

A Zero Proof Immersive Evening with Thomas Evans No.1, Lord Logs & Jack Adair Bevan

It was a Tuesday evening unlike any other, tucked inside the old Printworks at Canada Water, was Thomas and Evans No. 1′s time machine-like sipping and dining experience, waiting to transport us from the austere days of 19th Century Temperance to the modern day, uplifting era of zero proof.


We were dropped off at a business park, cloaked in darkness, like any other you might find dotted around the country. As we approached, we noticed a fire burning in the distance. It was like a scene from an American movie or Peaky Blinders. Picture a group of people, warming their hands against the glow of an outdoor fire pit*. 

The evening began outside, where we were handed a cup of Thomas and Evans No. 1, mulled with lime, ginger and black pepper on the Birch log fire – a trademark of Lord Logs of London Log Companyhimself, and the perfect way to warm our wintry bones. 


Once inside, the storytelling began, and we learnt how the non-alcoholic Thomas & Evans beverage came to be. The drink is crafted with over 20 ingredients, including silver birch charcoal-filtered green fruit juices, using steam-distilled botanics, including apple, elderflower, citrus peel and oak tincture.

Mr William Thomas and Mr William Evans, began as business partners in the 1880s, and, being inspired by the growing temperance movement – during which time people abstained from drinking alcohol – they created a non-alcoholic alternative for pubs to sell to their punters. And thus became pioneers of the zero proof sector, with is thriving to this very day!


When we finally found ourselves in the dining room, my heart leapt at the stunning candle-sit table setting before us; a long trestle table, with a rustic foliage garland running down the length of it, surrounded by hundreds of candles. The epitome of Hygge! This was my idea of a romantic setting.

The long trestle table, sitting in the middle of the large old industrial space, was surrounded by a forest of projection mapped trees, and accompanied by a calming hush of forest sounds and birdsong. Pretty epic, eh?


Food for the evening was by Chef Tom Griffiths(nice tatts, Tom!) It comprised of a 6-course tasting menu of seasonal dishes, all cleverly created to combine and complement the botanicals used in Thomas & Evans No.1.

What we ate…

  • T&E cured venison in liquor, celeriac taco and grapefruit
  • Puffed barley cracker, mushroom ketchup, fermented cauliflower leaves and togarashi
  • Beef cheek nugget, with a nut crust and apple jam (my fave!)
  • Raw trout, served with parsley, potato and burnt leek veloute
  • Three bird pine skewers: duck satay, spiced, sticky glazed quail, and herbed pouissin leg trim lollipop, braised in T&E botanicals
  • Buckthorn & fir trifle in a tin, with hazelnut crumble
  • Toffee apple marshmallow toasted over a birch fire

The drinks menu for our zero proof evening was crafted by self-proclaimed co-founder and peddler of The Collector Vermouth and The Ethicurean,Jack Adair Bevan. Who also, coincidentally, is good friend’s with one of my best mates, Lauren – who runs the amazing charity Social Workers Without Borders.

What we drank…

  • Thomas and Evans No.1 mulled on birch fire with lime, ginger and black pepper
  • Thomas and Evans No. 1 with grapefruit and rosemary
  • Thomas and Evans No. 1 with sliced apple and rosemary
  • Thomas and Evans No. 1 with organic beetroot juice, apple balsamic, lime and green apple

About Thomas & Evans

“Thomas and Evans No. 1 is created with green fruits, citrus peel and botanicals which are steam distilled, and filtered layer by layer through silver birch charcoal. It has a light sparkle, green fruit bouquet, and notes from 20 natural botanicals. It’s the perfect drink for people who might also enjoy a fine white wine or aperitif, to enjoy on the occasions they choose not to drink alcohol. T&E No. 1 can be savoured with or without food. Its balanced flavour makes it an ideal partner for all types of dining.”


I was really impressed by the attention to detail and intimacy of the evening, and would definitely order a Thomas & Evans No. 1 again – particularly whilst doing my health & fitness routine. It’s perfect for those trying to cut back on alcoholic beverages on social occasions, without having to resort to a lime & soda. Nice.

*#lifegoals – build a house with a fire pit in the garden

Photography © Lucie Kerley