Lucie Loves... Fashion // Count your rainbows not your thunderstorms 


Yes! It’s Friday! And what a week it’s been too. Phew!

First off, I made the mistake of posting to Instagram an image with the caption: “Hello Monday!” Before being quickly corrected by my best mate, Sophie, that it was, in actual fact, Tuesday! 

However, I want to just clarify why I thought it was Monday… I’d just spent the last 3 days in Devon, with my photographer friend Heather, modelling for a series of art nude photoshoots. Wit woo.

It’s part of a life-long, personal project that we’ve been working on for almost 10 years. We try to get together once or twice a year. The aim is to document the changes in the female body as it ages, and the milestone events that life throws our way. Life. Love. Sexuality. Femininity. Getting old(er). Separation. Loss. Liberation. 

The beauty of it all.

Each photoshoot has a unique narrative. But I guess the common theme that runs through them all is that we always photograph in natural light, outdoors.

We chose to shoot in five difference locations: Heather’s farm at sunrise, Lee Bay at dusk, Exmoor National Park in the early morning, Lynmouth Valley at lunch and sunset on Woolacombe Beach.

I’m really excited to share the next set of images. Watch this space!

Follow Heather’s Instagram h_and_her_wildflowers to see more of her portraiture photography.

Photography © James Barley ~ part of the series done in collaboration with Hawes & Curtis