Lucie Loves... Food // Cheeky Chinese New Year meal at Cha Cha Moon 


2016 is the Year of the Monkey, so off I headed to Cha Cha Moon on 15-21 Ganton Street for a “cheeky” Chinese New Year’s meal.

Cha Cha Moon has a Wagamamas-esque vibe to it: big communal benches, a buzzing atmosphere and delicious food. There was also a decent amount of time between each course, leaving enough time to chat to friends, rather than being turfed out the second you’ve stopped eating – my pet hate.

The evening consisted of a set menu of Singapore Char Kway Teow with Prawns (a spicy noodle dish with quite a kick to it), a side of Green Beans in a traditional spicy seafood sauce – which for me was actually tastier than the main. 

However, the pudding was the real crown jewel: it was a soft banana wrapped in crispy roll with Crème de Leche ice-cream and red bean paste. The ice-cream was so delicious that I actually ordered seconds – with the rationale that I am being vegan for Lent and so am getting my dairy fix now! This was followed by a fresh banana daiquiri, a bit like an alcoholic smoothie; I wasn’t quite sure about this, although I did drink it all just to make sure!

All of the above was a mere £19.99, and I can assure you that they are not stingy on the portion sizes; in fact I went to bed looking like an Orangutan. Chinese New Year is on Monday 8th Feb and so if January 2016 didn’t go according to plan, see it as a test run and head down to Cha Cha Moon for Round 2!

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Words & photos by Karis