Lucie Loves... #Blogged // In times of shoebox living, I pin my dreams of making a house my home. Thank you @Pinterest

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Since living in London my dreamhome wishlist has quadrupled! As has my time spent ‘productively pinning’ on Pinterest. 

After having our own little place to call home and basically playing house for the past 3 years as fake husband and wife, my boyfriend JMG and I are now somewhat estranged… (in postcode proximity terms only though, I’ll have you know.) 

I’ve been living in the big smoke, aka London, since last October after I accepted a new role and had to up sticks and re-settle myself into a brand new room (read: life). 

The contents of my wardrobe which used to occupy a spare room all of their very own,  in our old place, are now strategically placed (read: crammed, stacked and balanced) into the tiniest of bijou box-room sized bedrooms. The rest of our things are now in storage, this is a photo I took as we were packing everything away.

Well… at least EVERYTHING is to hand. Literally. 

Every cloud, eh?

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To wile away my down-time, I often mooch about on fashion, lifestyle & home style blogs and merrily decorate my Pinterest boards.

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My craving for a place to put my stamp on again is ravenous! But, in the meantime, I’ll be patient. 

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I’ll continue to quietly collect my ideas and when the time comes… 

And it WILL… 

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Yes, Kevin McCloud, I’m talking to you. 

When the time comes, I’ll be ready with several armfuls of ideas to throw at our own little 'Grand Design’. We can all dream can’t we!