Lucie Loves… Art // Receiving beautifully illustrated wedding invitations from creative friends. Thank you, @andreahannon_ and @cakedandgreen


This year the bar has well and truly been raised for wedding invitations.

So far, we’ve received messages in bottles filled with sand and tiny scripts of paper, traditional card invites and, most recently, this stunning interlocking monogram, wax-sealed and intricately illustrated number from our friends Andrew Jenkins and fiancé, Andrea Hannon.

Andrea is a fantastically talented artist who decided to add a touch of pen and ink creativity to her big day. I am a huge fan of this approach to wedding stationary. It’s been “ooohed and aaahed” over repeatedly by visiting friends and family. They love it when I tell them that the gorgeous couple in the illustration actually resemble the bride and groom.

Yes, they are THAT sexy.

If you’d like one of a kind illustrated wedding stationary, get in touch with Andrea. After all, you can’t help but smile at her handiwork, I’m sure she’d create something just as special for your big day.

What’s the most creative or memorable invitation you’ve ever received? I’d love to know. After all, a girl doesn’t have a love themed Pinterest board for nothing…

Illustration // Andrea Hannon

Photography © Lucie Kerley