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*Ping* goes the email… Oh! Look at that! An invite to Duck & Dry, to get a free blow dry at a central London hair salon… Sounds great! But when could I actually justify this indulgent little treat, to make the most of this blow dry? 

Cue Ella Masters’ invitation to be her +1 at London Fashion Week Festival*. A chance to catch up on the last 18 months (it’s crazy how fast time goes as you get older) sip on Prosecco, champers and a few Newby Teas.

Ok, so the truth of the matter is this… I’d stayed out at my man friend’s and hadn’t factored in enough time (read as: couldn’t be faffed) to wash and blow dry my own hair. I’d taken an executive decision to spend more time in bed instead. But who wouldn’t given the choice of having a lie in with a hot guy and getting out of bed to wash their hair? At least one of them is guaranteed to put a spring in your step. I’ll let you decide which of them does it for you.

“Fine feathers make fine birds…”

Anyway, as it turns out, it was also one of the most blustery days in recent history; amber “be prepared” warnings had been given: Storm Doris was about to hit us hard. 

I staggered, looking like a “sexy park ranger” – my man friend’s words – in my Kate Sheridan bottle green dungarees, against the wind. The short walk to the nearest tube was quite a mission. I fought my way forwards, popping my sunglasses on, to protect my contact lenses from getting torn to bits, by flying pieces of suburban debris.

Once at Oxford Circus, I walked for about 5 minutes before arriving at Duck & Dry’s central London location. The salon is absolutely stunning, and in a very convenient spot for those who work in the city, looking to get their hair done. They’ve really considered Instagramability as a means of marketing, when it comes to the decor. The egg-style pods are reminiscent of Sketch’s forever-papped famous pink bathrooms.

I’d assumed that the majority of their custom comes from people wanting their hair done before a night out, but… as it happens… they actually open the salon at 7:30am Monday to Friday, so they get a lot of women coming in for a blow dry before work. You can also get an Express Blow Dry. This is good if you’re coming straight from the gym – or have jumped on the tube with wet hair – and just need it drying and styling for you. The cost of an Express Blow Dry (no wash) is £25, compared to the standard wash & blow dry option which is £32. Updos cost £40.

With my new shorter hair, I find it a bit trickier to get the sort of waves that I used to be able to do with my curling wand on my longer locks. Take a look at the vlog I did, explaining why I had to cut off my long red hair.

Duck & Dry services offer around eight different blow dry options and 8 different updos. I chose their ‘Beach locks’ look. My stylist used their ‘blow dry in a bottle’ spray and also a little bit of ‘Instant TLC’ leave-in conditioner, on my dry ends. I really love having someone else do my hair. For me, having a blow dry is definitely more indulgent than having a hair cut. It’s pure pampering – and we could all do with a bit of then every now and again!

I’d come back in a flash! I mean, they’ve got a bloody swing!


Duck & Dry opening hours

MONDAY-FRIDAY 07.30 - 19.30
SATURDAY 09.00 - 19.00
SUNDAY 10.00 - 18.00

Find out more and book your next blow dry or an updo at

 Photography © Lucie Kerley