16.05.12 :: All Jazzed Out







Phew! I am exhausted! A full day working at the office and then off to an impromptu Jazz Concert @lincdrillhall Cafe Bar. It was FREE and FABULOUS. My frolleague (friend + colleague) @KayOgilvie and I had a wail of an evening and were truly amazed that cultural performances like this were being offered for FREE in Lincoln and why not!

It was a superb evening sat watching some lovely Jazz at the gorgeous Lincoln Drill Hall, a venue I had never been to before and listening to the melodic sounds of the Edwards & Dearden Jazz Quartet, as part of Lincoln’s BIG’s city wide Jazz Week 2012.

Yorkshire vocalist Julie Edwards’ voice is filled the room in a very beautiful way! #SwingingJazz I especially LOVED it when she covered “The Snake” by Al Wilson. One of my FAVOURITE uni night out songs. 

A thoroughly wonderful evening!

Today I decided to pair my @LamaPeach boots with a handmade floral ditsy print tunic dress made by Typographer @solearysmith’s amazing mum Eileen, a little tan waist belt, grey floaty blouse and acid wash charcoal grey leggings both from Primark, a Charcoal grey body top and my Lama Peach Paige Summer Ankle boots with my long Topshop Gold Spike Pendant necklace, Tatty Devine Retro Red Swallow Earrings and my Swagga and Soul Daisy Leather Biker Jacket.

Good night all! x

Photography: © Lucie Kerley