Lucie Loves... Food // Liz & Dave Do Date Night: Meatballs at Ballroom [review — press invite]

A text from my beloved: ‘ Date night: Meatballs’. Well this is a new low, I thought. He’s taking me to Ikea..? (Before realising that would actually be a BRILLIANT date)

After some back and forth WhatsApp-ing, it transpires my man is taking me to the newly opened ‘Ballroom’ - an Italian meatball restaurant, a stone's’ throw from Monument station, in the heart of London City.

Dave & Liz on their Meatball-laden date night at Ballroom, London

Dave & Liz on their Meatball-laden date night at Ballroom, London

We arrive at the unassuming, yet totally Instagram-able restaurant and are immediately whisked down to the Basement Bar and shown to our table. The meatball options are Italian beef, Asian fish, Moroccan lamb, spicy pork, Thai chicken and a vegan option too. (They come with your choice of base and side.) Unable to make a decision, and purely thinking about making the review as thorough as possible, we order them all. (We’re only thinking of you, honest)

An hour later, and full to the brim with balls (don’t go there...) we’re done.


In my book, a good date location has to have booze, plus something there to kick start the conversation.

The Four Quarters in Peckham has booze + retro arcade games, The London Shuffle Club has booze + curling, and a pub we used to go in when we were students had booze + a stuffed zebra inside a 1920’s police box. Unless I just imagined that last one?


Ballroom has booze + balls. Approximately 92% of our conversation was taken up by ranking the meatballs.

If i’m being honest, it’s still not a conversation we’ve fully resolved, however we do both at least agree on the winner. The spicy pork in Jack Daniels sauce: the perfect marriage of sweet with a kick of spice; these bad boys literally melt in the mouth! The Moroccan lamb is a close second for me, with Dave Silver medal-ing the classic Italian beef. However, like the football league table or the contents of our compost bin, the final ‘ranking order’ is constantly evolving. In fact, we might just have to go back and try them all again, just to be sure

Words + Photos: Liz and Dave


Ballroom, 39a Eastcheap, London, EC3M 1DT
T: 020 7220 7245 E:

Opening Hours
Mon-Fri:  7am - 11pm
Saturday: 8am - 4pm
Sunday: CLOSED

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