Lucie Loves… Fitness // How to find more time for self-love and add a little balance to your week: My solo yoga + brunch date at LEVELSIX Yoga and Wellbeing studios in Peckham [press invite]

Back in December, I received an email inviting me to come down and review a yoga + brunch session at LEVELSIX Yoga and Wellbeing studios in Peckham Levels. I finally took their PR up on the offer at the end of January, after a particularly full-on week…

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Let me paint you a picture of the end of January: I’d booked myself in for two early morning pre-work fitness classes at my local gym, then commuted into London for my freelance jobs, where I was working on two separate client projects – one for CLIC Sargent – working as Photography Lead on their new Image Library, and one for Be-Hookd – conjuring up some pun and innuendo-laden content, copywriting and social strategy stuff for a TV show.

Because I obviously wasn’t busy enough with all that… (face palm) I’d also agreed to meet my good friends in the evenings after work – a good old catch up and dinner with my uni mates, and then dinner, the following evening, at Jinjuu in Soho with Nik Speller, Mat Buckets and Kristabel (which, to be honest, was not the best Korean food I’ve had in London - sorry guys! It was a little bit over-priced and the service was lacking considerably. FYI, I much prefer Tohbang Korean Restaurant by Leather Lane.

On Thursday morning, I was busy breaking up for the final time with my ex (after a very weird Wednesday night last date at some arcades in Soho, where I was delighted to discover I’m actually pretty decent at air hockey… every cloud, eh? Or maybe he just let me win…) It had been a turbulent 18-months, and then a further 6-months, of Yo-Yo dating one another again.

You know the one where you go back and forth, pinning futile hopes on a relationship that, looking back, was doomed from day one. 

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So, you could say, I was feeling a little worn out by the time the weekend rolled around. I was in desperate need of giving myself some TLC; I felt numb.

Cue me rifling through my emails in search of something soul-soothingly distracting, and rediscovering the yoga + brunch invite from LEVELSIX .

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Buoyed on by the little voice in my head that was telling me to look after myself better, I booked myself in for a 8:30am class, eschewing the offer of a drinks, from an Inner Circle date, the night before. To be honest, the chap was trying to be incredibly persuasive – but bordered on pushy… and I thought: “Na mate! I know myself. I know what I need.” 

And so, after listening to my body and realising that – as much as it’s often useful (read as: a nice distraction) to get under someone new to get over the old person – I really needed a quiet night in, a clear head in the morning and some me-time.

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I’m really learning, guys and gals… I would like to thank Prue Harrison, for all of her time over the last few months, for being my psychodynamic therapist. This is a WHOLE other blog post in itself that I need to write up soon! Therapy has been truly life-changing!

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I arrived at  LEVELSIX yoga studios just in time for the class. I’d taken along by own mat, as I didn’t realise that they provided them for you (how kind!) It’s a very popular slot this Sunday morning Vinyasa Flow yoga session with Izzie Lankester. LEVELSIX also offer Ashtanga,  Dynamic Vinaysa or Hatha Flow – take a look at their schedule and see which one suits you best.

The class was full, well-paced and offered up just the escapism and time I needed, to reconnect with how my racing mind was feeling.

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I’m no yoga expert, but have practiced on and off for over 8-years now. However, I would say that this class is suitable to all. If you’re more advanced, Izzie will give you extra positions that you can move into, to challenge yourself further. If you’re a beginner, she will come and gently help you correct your downward dog or warrior pose, to ensure you are getting the most out of the session.

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As I lay there, in a meditative state, at the end of the class. A song drifted over from the bluetooth speaker on the window ledge. I was thinking “Wow! What is this?! It’s beautiful!” At the end of the class I caught up with our Yoga Instructor Izzie, who agreed that it was a beaut of a song and then chuckled, saying: “You do know this is from Finding Nemo, right?” Hahahaha! The song, if you’re interested, is called: Arrival of the Birds by Cinematic Orchestra. It’s stunning! Have a listen.

After the class, I made my way to the LEVELSIX cafe for some nourishment. The brunch menu is pretty vegan-friendly (I obviously opted for a poached egg, as I’m not a vegan and just can’t say no to a runny yolk!) I also had one of their tasty smoothies. The tea, coffee, juice and smoothie offering at LEVELSIX is very impressive; I felt proper smug after my brunch, knowing how healthy it all was.

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Would I recommend a class at LEVELSIX yoga? Yes, I certainly would. If you’re creative, spiritual or just a bit hungry or thirsty… Peckham Levels has so much to offer! I’m looking forward to trying out more of the places tucked inside that giant carpark.

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LEVELSIX is Peckham’s first yoga, café and wellbeing studios based at the heart of community led project Peckham Levels, South East London.

The studio was created by four founders, all with a common goal to provide people from all walks of life with a place for feeling good, eating well and doing some great yoga and movement.

Community is at the heart of LEVELSIX and runs through each of area of the studio; yoga, food and wellbeing.

Working to nourish the community, mind, body and soul is fundamental to the studios ethos. Whether it be working with local businesses in Peckham and local businesses within Peckham Levels, providing Mother & Baby classes, partnering up with local charities, the homeless, carers with dementia, the blind and those recovering from mental illness, their intention is to provide a welcoming, accessible, calm and peaceful place where you can look after yourself. The team’s intention is to provide a welcoming, accessible, calm and peaceful place where you can look after yourself, take some time and space from the frantic hustle and bustle of contemporary life and reconnect with your body and breath. Get your dose of yoga and movement or try a healing treatment. Eat well, drink well and create a community.

Photography © Lucie Kerley - shot on Huawei P20 [gifted]