Lucie Loves... Food // Who loves Lasagna? Laura loves lasagna... All 21 Kinds of it! We checked out Mister Lasagna and here's what we thought...

Let's face it... we all WANT the lasagne when we go out to eat, but we don't often order the lasagne. This is where things are about to change. AND When it's the main thing on the menu, you know you can't go wrong...

Mister Lasagne, Rupert St, Soho 

Mister Lasagne, Rupert St, Soho 

Ok, so this is is how the conversation went:

Lucie: Hey Laura do you fancy going to review Mister Lasagne?

Me: Yes. Yes, I do. Who is he and where is he? With a name like that how could I say no.

Lucie: No, Laura, it’s a restaurant… it’s the name of the restaurant. They sell a range of different lasagnes and you can pick and mix.

Me: So you’re telling me... there is a man... who has a restaurant full of lasagnes and he wants me to come and try them…? Tell him I’ll marry him immediately!

Lucie: *sigh* Here’s the address.

And with that, off I went and I'm gonna be totally honest, this place lived up to my expectations.

If you like lasagne, you’ll bloody love it. It’s a no fuss, easy, fun place to eat where you can choose from LOADS of lasagnes and then, if that wasn’t enough, you can add extra sauce onto the top of them which, for someone like me, is absolutely ideal.

Mister Lasagna restaurant Rupert Street
The founder is a guy named Alessandro Limone and this is the reason he set the chain of restaurants up:
“The demand for Italian food in London is huge and lasagna is one of the most popular dishes. Mister Lasagna offers traditional Italian cooking just like my grandmother would serve to me when I was a little boy.
When you mention lasagna, many people think of the well known bolognese recipe, but with our 21 varieties we hope to change London’s perception on this classic dish.”

And hey, if it’s good enough for his Grandma then it’s good enough for me.

Mister Lasagna restaurant review



I visited the Soho branch on Rupert Street and the manager was absolutely lovely. He made us feel completely at home and chatted to us about how the restaurant works, and then recommended some of his personal faves. He didn’t even flinch when we took some photos of me in various parts of the restaurant looking VERY awkward indeed. Enjoy at your own risk.

Laura Mister Lasagna foodie review

As a veggie, I was skeptical as to how many options there would be for me, but there were loads and I went for half an half… the aubergine AND the mushroom lasagne, which I topped off with arrabbiata sauce on both. It was (and I apologise in advance for any offence this may cause) "molto delizioso."

Whether you want to have a quick bite to eat or a longer more relaxing meal then I’d recommend stopping off here and seeing how delicious it is for yourself.

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Words ~ Laura Gibson