Lucie Loves.. Beauty // Fresh Faced Fridays - A night in with the new Lucia Magnani Revitalizing Bio Cellulose Face Mask


Well hello Friday. It’s sooooooo good to see you again!

Have you ever had one of those weeks where you get to Tuesday and it feels like it should be Friday already?! What with renovating my house, drowning beneath my never-ending pile of paperwork and spending half of my time in A&E, I’m glad to see the back of this week. Don’t worry, I’m fine – my daughter on the other hand, has learnt some very valuable lessons in climbing trees! A few visits to the fracture clinic, a pair of crutches and an MRI scan later, I don’t think she’ll be attempting to climb another one in the near future. But I’m pleased to say that she’s on the mend.

So after such a crazy, mad, busy week, all I need right now is a) at least a week’s worth of sleep and b) some heavy duty make up and a trowel for the bags under my eyes! Not only did my thirties take away my ability to make something fun of a rare ‘free’ Friday night (here I am, no work, no kids – no bloody plans!), but they also seem to have stolen any elasticity that I still had left in my no longer fresh-looking face! I mean, give a girl a break!

And the Lucia Magnani range have done just that!


New on the market,and available at Harvey Nichols, the Lucia Magnani Revitalizing Bio Cellulose Face Mask is quite expensive in comparison to a lot of other brands - but if something works, then it’s worth the splurge! It claims to supercharge your skin in just 20 minutes, by rebalancing the skin’s hydration levels. It smooths, helps to reduce lines around the eyes, brightens, plumps and regenerates for an instantly glowing appearance. That’s a lot of ‘feel good’ for your money!

Love this tortoiseshell styled packaging - very glam!   

Love this tortoiseshell styled packaging - very glam!   

The mask comes sandwiched between two gauze-like layers, and it’s just oozing with serum. It’s super easy to apply, and what’s great about this mask is how well it adheres to your face, meaning you can get on with whatever you’re doing – or not doing in this case (#netflixandbingingonboxsets).


Upon applying the mask, the cooling sensation is almost instant and made my skin feel quite refreshed. I left the mask on for the full 20 minutes specified on the packaging – maybe I did leave it on for an extra 5-10 minutes, just to get every last bit of serum I could out of it! To be honest, I didn’t want to take it off at all. I could literally feel my skin drinking up every last bit of moisture.


After removing the mask, I was quite impressed with the initial results. My skin felt amazing - it looked a lot brighter and felt smoother. However, a day later and my skin was looking a little tired again, which was disappointing.

My skin never looked so good without make-up! 

My skin never looked so good without make-up! 

Given that the cost of just one mask is £45 (ouch!),  I expected the results to be a little more long-lasting. For this reason, it isn’t something that I would buy on a regular basis. However, I would be tempted to indulge in one of these masks as an occasional treat or to use before a night out.  

Have you tried any products from the new Lucia Magnani skincare range? Let me know your thoughts.