Lucie Loves...Hair // 03.07.12 :: How to get #DIY Wavy Beach Hair at home with a £24.99 @tresemmeuk Curling Wand from @Argos_Online in 10 steps!

1. Blast your freshly washed hair dry with a hair dryer. I use a Tangle Teezer, from £9.95 at Urban Retreat, to get the ‘lugs’ out of my ever-so-knotty hair. I’m wearing my Caro Turquoise Blue & Pink Beautiful Floral Print Kimono Dressing Gown, £43.99, a gift from JMG, from the Maya Rose Boutique.

2. Tools of the trade. I use the Phillips CareControl Ionic Hairdryer to quickly blast my hair dry roughly using my fingers, my sister’s trusty hand-me-down GHD’s, and a Tresemme Curling Wand, £24.99 from Argos. I first experienced the joys of a Curling Wand when having my hair done at Rachel Hammond at Highcross, in Leicester. Having mastered the art of curling my hair with straighteners some years back, I was amazed at just how quick the Curling Wand was compared to using *GHD’s or a similar straightening device. *I still use the GHD’s to straighten my fringe mind you!

3. Section hair into a 'long-hair-and-a-pony’ or half-up/half-down type 'do. I usually divide the bottom section into 4 separate pieces to get the wave that I like best.

4. The Curling Wand is more forgiving than using Straighteners when curling you hair as they are much much hotter (so hot, in fact, that it comes with a safety glove to protect your bare hand from the heat!) and, therefore, can handle slightly chunkier sections of hair.

5. Lay the curling wand on top of the section of hair you wish to curl and then wrap the hair, from underneath, up and over the wand. Hold hair onto wand for around 25-30 seconds depending on how easy your hair is to curl. Unravel the hair and whilst holding the bottom of the section of hair, shake it out loosely. 

6. Once you have done the bottom section of your hair, slowly work your way up, taking down small sections of hair and adding them to your finished waves. Leave an inch or two uncurled at the end of your hair to keep waves from looking too uniform. The more natural and organic looking the curl… the less of a 'Chav-with-a wet-look-perm’ you will look!

7. When you have reached the top of your hair and have curled all sections, take smaller random sections of hair and curl them separately to add movement to the look.

8. I have a very straight full fringe and so to soften the look slightly, I grabbed the longer pieces of side fringe and wound them gently around the Curling Wand.

9. Because I’d blasted the hair roughly, it was still a little bit damp, even after using the Curling Wand, and so I decided to twist the hair a and pin it up to set the curls further.

10. Spritz with a liberal dose of Tresemme Freeze Hold Hairspray, £4.99 for a large 500ml can from Boots.  and your Beachy Hair is finished!

The finished look… Tousled and wild! Just how I like it! Now find a field and roll in it.

Photograph by Heather Tait - more to come from this shoot… messing around in farmer’s fields and such lark!